Pick-up procedure – Travel by Taxi

The pick-up location of Amasterdam Airport Schiphol is at all times at “Departure Hall 2 exit F”.

  1. Switch on your phone as soon as the plane has arrived at the destination airport.
  2. Our drivers will keep an eye on your flight. After 15 minutes of the plane landing, our drivers will contact you. That is why it is important that your phone is switched on.
  3. After you have picked up your luggage, you need to contact the driver. He will be waiting for you at “Departure Hall 2 exit F. This exit is located on the first floor.
  4. The drivers of Kristal Taxi will be waiting on time for you.
  5. When our driver can’t reach you after 40 minutes of the plane landing, the driver will then leave the airport. That is why it is important to have your phone on and to have enough battery.
  6. If something unexpected happens, contact us in time.